Whitsunday Islands, Ahoy… I See Land

This is what I love about a balcony cabin, the fresh sea air, the sound of the water splashing off the hull. I can’t get enough. We keep the door ajar throughout the night so to get the whole “at sea” experience.

Day 3 – 6 March 2014.

Arrived – Whitsunday Islands

I wake up just as the engines slow and the sun is peering through our glass balcony doors.


QE balcony panorama to Whitsundays


Australia’s famous and beautiful Whitsunday Islands

Destinations - Whitsunday Islands, Australia


Australia’s famous and beautiful Whitsunday Islands greets us as we eat our room service breakfast on the balcony. The ship’s anchor is lowered and we come to a stop. Fun fact – even though we are not moving, the ships engines and propellers continue throughout the day to keep the ship steady and in position.


QE room service breakfast


The first tender to take us to Airlie Beach from the ship is after 8.30am and as we are keen to explore, we make sure that we are ready and collect our tickets early. We board, and as we make our way to Airlie Beach, and it becomes clear to me that something is very familiar about this boat….

Yeppoon, Rosslyn Bay to Great Keppel Island, where we got married

Rosslyn Bay Freedom Fastcat

Rosslyn Bay Freedom Fastcat


On a walking past the life buoy, I read the name “Rosslyn Bay” and where it then finally clicks – this is a Freedom Fastcat. The very same one we used 11 years ago when we travelled from Yeppoon, Rosslyn Bay to Great Keppel Island, where we then got married. We grin at the connection and at the great memories. 🙂

Airlie Beach welcomes Queen Elizabeth

Airlie Beach is a renowned backpacker town and one that we have been a few times. The beaches of the Whitsundays are some of the best in the world (eg. Whitehaven Beach) and the reef is only a short boat trip away. We do like the township to visit as it is very picturesque but after that, there is not much else to entice us to stay too much longer.

Abell Point Marina, Airlie Beach

Abell Point Marina, Airlie Beach


After a walk along the boardwalk to town, we grab a coffee and start catching up on emails and some work.

The walk from Abell Point Marina into Airlie Beach town center

The walk from Abell Point Marina into Airlie Beach town center


It’s a great feeling knowing that while we are traveling on this fantastic cruise liner we are still making a living… Does it get any better??? Not just “working from home” but “Working from NO home”. LOVE IT.

Working from NO home!!!

Working from NO home!!!


The coaches that bring the people to and from town are plentiful and after browsing through the markets we decide to catch one back to the marina so that we can board the tender back to the ship.

Airlie Beach markets

Airlie Beach markets


Queen Elizabeth as she stands alone in the shimmering water

On the tender trip back, we are able to take some photos of the famous Queen Elizabeth as she stands alone in the shimmering water.

QE outside collage

QE outside collage


Back at the Lido Buffet for a late lunch, we get chatting to a couple who mention they have learned that the scheduled stop in Cairns at Yorky’s Knob is going to be only very short. This sends alarm bells to us because of our much-anticipated plans for our stop there. We try to get more information but with no luck, so we head to the pursers desk.

Unfortunately, the rumours are true. We are told that the ship will stop at Yorky’s Knob for only a few short hours to allow for customs to board checking the ship etc. and not for guests to disembark and explore.

We are devastated. We had made great plans to meet some dear friends in Cairns for a long leisurely lunch (with champagne they had been saving for the occasion), and we also needed to deliver some documents.

So now we must make do with making new plans – a virtual catch-up with them from the ship – via Skype. And where will be reduced to toasting each other online with our own separate champers bottles.

We are both sad about this, and more than a little disappointed that it was not more clearly advertised by Cunard that this would only be a short stop for customs procedures.

I don’t allow myself to become too upset with the situation, (thanks to my own work on personal growth over the years), and instead am somewhat bemused by the whole scenario. Years ago I would have been livid.

The other disturbing thing is that we discover that Australia Post has STILL not delivered a letter (containing important documents pertaining to the recent sale of our investment property), to our lawyer in Yeppoon, which was posted on Friday afternoon in Oxenford. Yet both towns are in the same state of QLD, not more than 1000km apart. Sheesh.

We make many frantic phone calls and fortunately we can sort things out, and all is not lost. And then continue online with a few more tasks from within the iStudy connexions. A room dedicated to only Apple products which also hold classes to do with Apple computers, tablets etc

The Apple iStudy connexions room

The Apple iStudy connexions room


These two incidents serve to remind us that even the best-made plans can all go pear shaped, the thing is being able to remain calm, stay flexible and STILL enjoy the great moments life has to offer.

We freshen up from the day’s events and prepare for the evening events.

Dinner in the Britannia Restaurant

Dinner in the Britannia Restaurant at 8.30pm is up to its usual impeccable standards, and while the choices are not necessarily out of this world, the quality is – as always – first rate.

QE Britannia collage #2

QE Britannia collage #2


Following dinner, we take in the late show. The advertised evening entertainment is Jon Udry – a juggling act, which (for me) lacks a little “wow factor”, although is still mildly entertaining.

And it’s goodnight from cabin 6043…

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