All Work and No Play – Well Not Really

Today was penciled in as a major writing day for Moni, that’s right, all day except for a couple of meal breaks, oh the life of a quality copywriter. But as you well know plans can always change and being flexible is very important when working and traveling around the globe.

Day 30 – April 2nd, 2014.

Another call this morning and a full day of writing is ahead. After a few hours though it’s lunch time and you guessed it were off to our favourite place for some noodles. Today we have ramen, stir fried rice and some chicken ‘karagie’ washed down with a beer. Again so tasty and cheap 1020 Yen thats under $11 bucks for two for lunch and were full.

“A few streets away we and find a sushi train”

No time to waste and back home we go to continue to write. See this is not all play. The business needs to be done and done diligently. Another 4 hour block is completed and now we head out for dinner… where to? We walk around a few streets and find a sushi train. YES, in we go… Unlimited hot green tea from dispensers at your seat, as the train comes around you just help yourself.

Images from our Sushi experience

Images from our Sushi experience


All plates are 110 Yen each, regardless. We like that and we enjoy until we are full. The sushi chef in front of us is happy. We are probably one of very few tourists that are in this area, all very local here, we haven’t seen a tourist yet.
Our bill is 1920 Yen about $20 dollars… The same amount would set you back at least $60 back in oz. Saying that, id be visiting my local sushi train in a flash when the next opportunity comes.

“Shopping in Sembayashi-omiya”

On the way home walking through the arcade Moni spots a jacket hanging outside, one that we have been searching for. We stop and have a trying on session, and voila we have a winner. Yes, a perfect fit and a colour to please, just when Moni thought she’d not find one that fits or likes and when least expecting, boom it appears.

Shopping in Sembayashi-omiya

Shopping in Sembayashi-omiya


Also just next was a paper, pen, art and craft shop which just happens to be one of Moni’s soft spots, loving all that handmade paper with great designs on. The fine quality of the traditional paper making that is very Japanese is quite special. The shop owner was a very old man like in a fairy tale story, easy to believe that Moni was wanting to buy lots but limited herself to just a small token gift.

We found out that the average salary in Japan is similar to Australia which makes the cost of eating cheap… Not so sure about the real estate though. Transport on the subway seems reasonable, however the Shinkansen is expensive, lucky for us, we have the JR Pass which incidentally has expired. We will activate our next one soon.

After our sushi we walk back home on the way we buy four bananas for 150 Yen $1.60

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