At Sea Cruising Towards Glacier Bay

At sea cruising towards Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve for a second time, that’s right we are doing a back to back Alaskan cruise and this is the return journey towards Vancouver.

Cruise Day 9 – At Sea

Day 92 – June 2nd, 2014.

Breakfast in the dining room then up to the Crows Nest to get some work done. It’s quiet at first as most people are just getting familiar with the ship, but soon enough it becomes busy with coffee drinkers heading to the cafe.

Shame that the coffee is pretty average, it comes from a dispenser machine and produces no crema, but the Americans seem to love it.

Online in the Explorations cafe, Library

Online in the Explorations cafe, Library


Royal Dutch Afternoon Tea

The weather is gorgeous this morning with the sun breaking through the fluffy clouds, we have lunch at 12 noon and then afternoon tea.

Royal Dutch Tea it was called, though I’m not sure what made it Dutch. It was a slow progress to get into the dining room as you queued up to enter and chose your items before you sat down.

Royal Dutch Afternoon tea on MS Oosterdam

Royal Dutch Afternoon tea on MS Oosterdam


Moni was not feeling too well for the rest of the day, a cold is coming on and a cough with blocked nose is not making her feel too good. She decided to sleep early while I went up to the buffet and had some dinner then head back to the cabin with a stiff drink to help.

Buffet dinner on MS Oosterdam

Buffet dinner on MS Oosterdam

Tomorrow we will be visiting Glacier Bay National Park for the second time.





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