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Visiting The Landmark Tower & Sky Garden in Yokohama Japan

When visiting Yokohama for the first time, there are many things that will grab your attention, no more so than the skyline of the city. Like many cities in the world with magnificent skylines, there are usually a few key places that stand out. Yokohama is no different. Immediately you will see the Yokohama Bay […]

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Getting Into Shape – Part #4

4th training walk — 21. July 2015 I wake up before the alarm goes off at 6am. It’s only just getting light outside and the air is already hot. I feel a little pressured this morning because we need to be back home at 8.45am to see the guys next door off before they leave […]


Getting Into Shape – Part #3

3rd training walk — 12. July 2015 The alarm goes off at 6am. It’s cold outside. The weather has cooled down remarkably in the last couple of days after last week’s heatwave. I’m tired and feel like sleeping more, but know that I have to get up if we do the walk this morning. I […]