Bowen Pot Luck Drumming Circle, Leaving on a High

Soon we are beginning our next part of the odyssey and that means one thing, goodbyes to our new friends, but not before one last fun day and night on Bowen Island.

Day 128 – July 8th.

The weather has been just awesome the past four days with temperature’s on the deck at 34 degrees, perfect for me to soak up some rays.

Seeing as it was Brian’s and Monika’s birthdays one day after each other in June and at that time Brian & Shasta were away, on returning home Shasta had the idea to hold a ‘Pot Luck’ and ‘Drumming Circle’ in the Yurt at their place.

Brian & Shasta's Yurt

Brian & Shasta’s Yurt


Invitations were sent by email and we had a great response, around 20 people turned up for the Pot Luck and drumming circle. It’s funny, we arrived on Bowen Island 30 days ago and promptly went to a ‘pot luck’ and had a great experience, today we are closing out our Bowen Island visit with another pot luck and a drumming circle a fitting finale.

Shasta & Brian are drumming gods, what they don’t know about drumming and music is not worth worrying about. Over the time we have stayed, we’ve been fortunate to experience a few sound meditations in the yurt with the guys, it’s amazing what four people can create with a mix of instruments and the voices of Brian & Shasta.

They are both practitioners of Ta-ke-Tina which is best left to Shasta & Brian to explain here on youtube check it all out on their website.

Anyway back to tonight. Around 5.30 pm the first people arrive with their creations which is placed on the table, the house has been rearranged for everybody to sit inside or outside as it is a glorious evening.

More people arrive and the table begins to resemble a small buffet with salads, prawns, ravioli, dips, desserts fresh berries etc, the list goes on. Around 6pm we begin to enjoy the bounty that is ‘Pot Luck’ see what you get on your plate. It was delicious especially as the majority of dishes were gluten free and vegetarian, organic for sure.

Happy days at Brian & Shasta's

Happy days at Brian & Shasta’s


There was plenty to share around and a great variety and I think everyone enjoyed their meals.

Next up the drumming circle, which Shasta & Brian have held many times before, the rhythm just flows and everybody is happy, ‘high on life’ in a small community each one plays a part in no regulated way but it functions perfectly, just like the music, we all play instruments and a great rhythm soothes the soul and mind.

The drumming circle

The drumming circle


Nearly two hours of playful beats hum out from the yurt, before it’s time to say farewell to the group of happy people. That just leaves us to clean up which was not too much and then we can get to finishing up for the night.

A great day and night on Bowen Island for the last time until we return…







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