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The Heathman Hotel in Portland

The Heathman hotel in Downtown Portland was our residence for four nights whilst attending the World Domination Summit at the Albert Schnitzer Concert Hall which is basically next door, an ideal place to stay if you want to be near to an event or show. Day 130 – July 10th. Check-in at the Heathman Hotel was quick […]

Capsule Hotel Morning, Tokyo Planetarium at Sunshine City Tower and The View

After sleeping our first ever night in a couples capsule in the Kiba Hotel in Tokyo which was great, we planned on visiting the Planetarium and in the same building, the Sunshine City tower, and take in the views of Tokyo from the top floor. Day 50 – April 22nd, 2014. We wake at 8.30am after a […]

What to Expect When Staying in a Capsule Hotel in Japan

Japan has some very luxurious establishments for overnight stays and it’s also home to some of the best budget accommodation on the planet. Capsule hotels in Tokyo and other cities in Japan are very popular among the locals and tourists alike, but if your not sure what to expect when staying in a capsule hotel […]

Farewell Sembayashi-omiya, our Friends as We Trek Across Town to Umeda

AirBnB apartment exit day has arrived and we are making the giant move, all of five stops on the Japan subway using the Tanamachi line from Sembayashi-omiya to Umeda. Unfortunately we were unable to extend our stay here and will relocate today. Day 47 – April 19th, 2014 All packed and cleaned up (a little) […]

World Heritage Listed Gassho Houses in Shirakawa-go

A stop over in Shiragawa-go is a must on anyones trip to Japan. An ideal route that is popular for many travellers is the circle trip that takes you from Osaka to Takayama to Shirakawa-go to Kanazawa to Osaka. You can do this in either direction by train or bus or a combination of both, […]