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Funny hats in Meersburg

Konstanz to Meersburg return

A day trip from Konstanz to Meersburg returning by boat across the Bodensee. We drove around Lake Constance from Konstanz and stopped in Birnau to view the church there. Day 1260 – August 13th 2017 The view over the Bodensee is pretty special as well. And this is the impressive Catholic church. From here it was […]

Rhine river & Water Power Station crossing the German/Swiss border

Rheinfelden, Swiss-German Border Town

A short walk from the Swiss Rheinfelden to the German Rheinfelden (Baden). A look around the original Exhibition Pavilion “Kraftwerk 1898” which is the water power station from 1898. Day 1217 – July 1st 2017 You can easily cross the border from Switzerland to Germany and vice-versa in Rhinefelden (Baden). We walked across and then […]

Birthday cake from the hotel Seeterrasse

Day out in Lindau, Germany

From Langenargen it’s an enjoyable boat trip on Lake Constance to Lindau. Lindau is not quite an island as it’s joined to the mainland of Germany but many refer to it as “Insel Lindau”. Day 1212 – June 26th 2017 We caught the MS Graf Zeppelin boat for our one hour trip to Lindau. We […]