Credit Card Fraud in Miami




I used my credit card at Holidays Golden Glades Boutique Hotel in Miami for the basic cover in case of incidentals as required by the hotel, and someone made a copy and used it to rack up nearly 2000 dollars.

Day – November 24th, 2014.

Can you believe it, this is the second time that our credit card has been frozen due to fraudulent use.

We are on the Carnival Splendor and cruising in the Caribbean and I was just checking my emails and read one from MasterCard informing me that my card has been temporarily frozen due to expected fraudulent use.

Whoever made a copy used it four times in Knoxville FL and racked up nearly $2000. Lucky for us that MasterCard suspected something and froze the account.

The real bummer is that we now have to spend hours on the phone with them to explain where we are what we spent etc. And also will have to have replacement cards sent to our next place which is a real pain. Even MasterCard and the banks find it hard to believe that you can travel long-term, they keep saying “when you get back to Australia” like it’s going to be next week or something…

The easy thing here was to identify where the fraud had taken place or should I say the copies or swipe/scan of the card took place, because I had not used the card for about two months while living in Medellin Colombia.

It was at Holidays Golden Glades Boutique Hotel in Miami where we checked in and I used the card in case of incidentals.

We checked in on the 14th and out on the 16th and whilst on the cruise on the 18th & 19th it was physically used in Knoxville, the fake that is.

Scumbag’s that do this need locking up and their fingers cut off… They are the reason we keep having to pay more and more insurance and credit card fees.

They have the items they bought with MasterCard money and I will be reimbursed, the only ones suffering here really are MC and us, the scammers walk free, unless caught… And then what!! huh

So no more hotel credit imprints or swipe in case of incidentals they will have to trust us. I thought the staff at the Holidays Golden Glades Boutique Hotel in Miami were dodgy… Boutique my ass.

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