From Rock to Sea

Time flies when you’re having fun – and it’s going into WARP DRIVE… It’s been a while since our last post, but I’ve had good reason why. Monika and I have had the pleasure of spending the past two months with my lovely Dad, traveling around Australia and just enjoying everything that life (and this awesome country) has to offer.

All up, Dad spent three months on holiday away from his home on the Isle of Wight, with some time spent before and after Oz in exotic Dubai.

Lucky him, I say!

But hell, he’s so deserving of it. He really is. And if you can do it – then, WHY NOT?
“Don’t keep your hard earned cash for me, Mate” – I told him. “It’s yours, and you should use it. I’ve got plenty of time to look out for myself….”

I don’t quite understand all those parents who bust their guts to earn a living and try to stash some away for their kids… How many of you received a hand out from Mum or Dad? Not many, I bet. And why SHOULD we anyway? I truly believe you should ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN, it may be too late when you’re ready to retire.

So, back to the guts of this post… The past two months have been FANTASTIC. We went out bush to the Red Centre, slept under the stars, climbed and hiked through the famous Olga’s, walked around the magical Ayers Rock (Uluru) and scaled Kings Canyon.

We drove thousands of kilometres, and FLEW thousands of kilometres… Caught some Whiting on the Eyre Peninsula. We went four-wheel driving over the huge sand dunes at Coffin Bay National park, sampled wines in the Barossa, and so much more.

Funnily enough, back then we didn’t feel time going fast at all, even though we did heaps.
Not to forget, we DID spend 11 days renovating our house in Noosa before we hit the road. Wow, that was tough going, but well worth it in the end. And even though we did so much work, we DID still manage to make time for many rounds of GOLF. Of course.

Thinking back, in all my 45 years, I can’t remember ever spending so much quality time with my Dad, and forging so many great new memories. For these past few months with him, I’m so very, very grateful.
Miss you already, Daddy-oh J

So now with only 21 days before we cruise out of Brisbane on the Queen Elizabeth we are only just starting to get things back to normal at home. (Only to turn it all upside-down again in 21 days! Life is funJ)

Back to full speed ahead… We’ve started selling lots of items on Gumtree and at garage sales (with great success I might add). As the saying goes, someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure!

Clearly, all the items we were happy to let go of, was of value to others, as we made over $2000. Cha-ching!

Fair to say the clock is ticking and we are busy with friends catching up with us at short notice and daily life that requires the usual things.

The thing is, this is somewhat different to a normal trip away… Packing for two weeks or more when you return home is easy…

THIS time we are packing up for GOOD, no return to base, as such. We have to make sure the place is ready to hand over, that we have all we need for a variety of occasions as we will be mixing luxury and budget, business to casual and all seasons, the suitcases are being staked up with a mixed bag of goodies.

Not looking forward to our first trial pack because I know that we, (especially Monika), have got WAY too much!! Wish us luck!

What is your BEST time and space-saving PACKING tip? Please share in the comments section below…

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