Uproot Your Life

Could you uproot your life? Would you? Most people wouldn’t dream of leaving a fully furnished home behind, waving goodbye to their good friends, and turning their back on the country of their dreams.

Most people would like to follow their dreams, dream about uprooting life, but stop metres from the starting blocks.


Because it’s freaking scary to leap into the unknown and leave all the creature comforts of a “normal” life behind. And so they watch as others courageously carve their paths into the planet’s songlines while travelling the world, and reminisce about how it would feel to be in their shoes…

I was once that passenger!

For years I sat in my comfy recliner chair, watching, cheering, experiencing, and wishing to be THAT person in the driver’s seat.

I desperately wanted to travel the world. Yet my heart was fighting a private war – the battlefield: guilt + comfort.

Guilt wanted to break free, and leap across the world with an open mind, and plenty of time…

Comfort wanted to stay putt, watch romantic chick flicks and eat popcorn. It wanted to keep hoarding “nice” things, forfeit adventure for a consistent home base, and revel in a false sense of security – in the name of normality!

I felt guilty because I had chosen to take on certain responsibilities.

You probably have too!

Maybe you’re stuck because:

  • You’re raising children…
  • You’re not sure how to make your dreams a reality…
  • You’re still working a J.O.B. you hate with a passion, yet you’re not sure what to do about it to change your reality…
  • OR… you’re fairly comfortable, and simply enjoy where you’re at right now!

The question is: are you for real, or are you kidding yourself, really?

John and I have an awesome life here in Australia. We have great friends, a supportive community, and a lovely big home.

We worked hard to get to the here… the NOW!

And we’ve manifested our dream. We already did the travel around the world “thing.” We did the backpacking thing… and we certainly had plenty of moments in 5-star accommodations while doing the business travel thing too.

So why would we want to leave all of those creature comforts behind? Why would we uproot a perfectly comfortable home, with our gorgeous pet birds, nice things, and plenty of friends?

The answer is surprisingly simple: a HUNGER… for more!

  • More… as in feeling truly ALIVE!
  • Experiencing other CULTURES.
  • Tasting FREEDOM.
  • Ticking off our BUCKET LIST.
  • Being TRUE to our HEARTS.
  • And listening to the call of NATURE.

We believe it’s easy to keep doing what we currently do.

But it’s also soul sucking on a deep level because we’re stopping ourselves from experiencing what “could be.”

So the leap between the now and then is: the decision!

It’s that simple, really. If you’re facing a tough decision, listen to your gut. Trust your own judgement and honour the voices inside your head that keep whispering the same song. Chances are, the song needs to be sung, before the voice retreats.

Life’s simply too short to settle for second best.

So if you want to:

  • Travel to that country on your bucket list.
  • Apply for the position in your company.
  • Sack your boss in search of new adventures.
  • Uproot your life in search of freedom.
  • Or change domiciles from moving states.

Do it!

Listen to your heart! And follow your songlines.

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