Last Full Day in Yokohama, Sushi Lunch

So this is our last full day in Yokohama before boarding the Celebrity Millennium tomorrow and heading off on our next high seas adventure this time cruising 14 days to Vancouver Canada.

Day 67 – May 9th.

First thing I do is start to pack the few items that we had washed and dried last night and making sure that we are ready to vacate the room by 11am tomorrow, I don’t like last minute packing.

Once that is done and we are happy with our cruise preparations we decide it’s time for some lunch. Not sure what to have our path takes us into China town however we spot a nice looking sushi restaurant and decide to have one last sushi meal as a fitting end to our time in Japan.

The restaurant is very nice inside and busy which we like to see. Choosing to sit at the sushi bar where we can watch what is being done to a certain degree. Our beers arrive ‘Kanpai’ then we order directly with one of the sushi chefs.

Images from sushi restaurant in China Town in Yokohama

Images from sushi restaurant in China Town in Yokohama


The sushi is delightful one of the best we have had in Japan and we celebrate what has been a truly fantastic 7 week stay in Japan. When we look back on what we have seen, where we have visited, the delaccies weve sampled and the people who have touched our hearts it is hard not to shed a tear at how truly grateful we are.

Japan was always on our bucket list of countries to visit and one that I don’t want to cross off as being done, I feel a strong conection to the people and have huge respect. I will strike it through on my bucket list however we will definately return to appreciate more of the culture and wonderful sights.

Thank you Japan.

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