Lunch At Restaurant Do Sabores in Envigado

Not wanting to cook today we decided to take a walk down the road (Carrera 43) and see what we can find. Our fellow Park Place buddies said that there are plenty of places down that way.

Day 174 – August 23rd, 2014. 

As soon as we walk out the door the busy street life is all around, the sounds of people talking, cars and bikes racing by, the whistles from traffic police, the warning horns of taxis pulling out. we love it, you really feel alive in this town.

Images from Envigado

Images from Envigado


Our walk down the road past a fuel station and on further to another where we turn left, right then it starts to rain and then pour, which forces our hand in choice of restaurant.

This restaurant is our nearest and we hastily dash for cover. Naturally we sit down and order from the waitress two of the menu del dia and two local beers that I choose from the fridge.

Lunch at Restaurant Do Sabores in Envigado

Lunch at Restaurant Do Sabores in Envigado


In just a few minutes we receive a glass of juice each as well as our beers, soon followed by a bowl of bean and vegetable soup which is yummy.

After we finish the soup the main plates arrive. We had rice, salad, a fried egg, some sort of fried dumpling, a very tender piece of chicken and a tasteless dry disc.

The meal was plentiful and over all very tasty, we were given wrapped up sweets that tasted of coconut and condensed milk. All of that was 11,000 Peso each and 4,000 each for a beer.  $16.70 AUD, not even 9 bucks each for a lunch and beer, now that’s eating cheaply in Medellin, pretty good value for sure.

By the time we had finished our meals the rain had stopped and we made our way back to Park Place.

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    […] Lunch was similar to yesterday and very tasty again, this time even cheaper. The menu del dia (menu of the day) comes with a soup followed by a plate of rice, salad, cooked egg (this time boiled) a kind of bun called Apera, and some meat, you also get a juice all for 7000 pesos or $3.80 AUD. […]

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