Medellin in Colombia is locked & Loaded

Where to next? Destinations, destinations, ahhh, choices, choices… Today we booked flights and accommodation for our next Entrepreneurs Odyssey stay and that is in Colombia in Medellin.

Day 107 – June 17th.

“A few changes have to be made to our original plans”

Our plan was to cruise around the world and try not fly. The only thing is, we can’t cruise into Portland or Denver for that, so I guess that we are not staying true to our word. However, we are somehow going to make it almost work, more on that later.

“Isn’t Medellin the drug capitol of Colombia?”

So why Medellin? Good question.

First up we wanted to go to Central America, yes I know Colombia is not in Central America, but our plans would have taken us there, and because of visa restrictions we have now had to adapt the plan.

With the first plan blown out of the window, we needed to seek another destination. Chile was our next wish, but that would mean some serious back tracking. By chance Moni was reading a blog (insert) with a write up about Medellin… Moni’s like, “wow we have to go, John take a look”! I’m like, are you for real.

Ok so lets look at Medellin, I was wondering what had got Moni so excited, so after reading that blog and now many others I’m right up on Medellin and looking very much forward to this visit.

Be sure to follow the posts once we get there, it’s going to be amazing, here is a sneak peak for you, just because I like it too, lol.

This is a good article from The Guardian

So where does that leave the master plan and the whole cruising around the world part? Let me see… As I mentioned the visa’s restriction for our stay in the USA has made it somewhat difficult for the plan to flow without any back tracking which means that we will have to miss out on a part this time around, but next time I will be even more prepared.

After Medellin we will fly back to Fort Lauderdale for a few weeks before taking a cruise to… Chile via the Panama Canal, more on that later.




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