Moderno Churrascaria Restaurant on Norwegian Escape


This is our Moderno Churrascaria Restaurant Review from November 2015.

Have you ever tried Brazilian style food? If not, then the Moderno Churrascaria Restaurant on Norwegian Escape would be your perfect opportunity to give it a go.

La Moderno

(UDP) (Extra charge)

The Moderno is opposite Cagney’s steakhouse at the rear of the ship. The Meridian bar is between the two and ideal for a pre dinner drink. There is also the possibility of waterfront dining here but the weather didn’t lend itself to allow us to experience this.

Moderno restaurant on Norwegian Escape

Moderno restaurant on Norwegian Escape

How much is Moderno?

The price for this venue is a flat $19.95 plus 18% (updated February 2016 the flat fee is now $24.95 USD)

Our dining experience

The Moderno is a Brazilian style Churrascaria restaurant. At the center of the restaurant is a salad buffet where you help yourself to a selection of salads, sushi, cheese, soup and more.

While the meats are brought to your table by Gauchos (waiters) and carved and served directly in front of you.

There is no limit to how much you can eat and the gauchos will continue to visit your table until you indicate you want no more.

A red and green sided disc will indicate to the gauchos that walk around with the skewers when you want meats and when to stop. It’s quite simple really, green side up means serve me meats please, purple side up means no more thankyou.

A choice of sides also come out and with the meats, and desert is also available.

The buffet has a good selection of salads, cold meats and includes soups as well as sushi which we enjoyed. The service of meats was fine and sure enough the gauchos will keep coming past with different meats. I found that the temperature of the meats at times could have been hotter, but I guess that is a problem with them being paraded around the dining room from table to table.

The sides were a bit average especially the mashed potato, which was like glue.

The Churrascaria buffet

The Churrascaria buffet


Basically you are in control of your dining experience. You could spend a few hours here, grazing from the buffet and various meats and fish until you feel you’ve over stayed your welcome. A bit like going to a friend’s place for a Sunday afternoon BBQ.

Serving a selection of meats at your table in the Moderno Churrascaria restaurant

Serving a selection of meats at your table in the Moderno Churrascaria restaurant


Apologies for the poor quality photos below.

Moderno Churrascaria desserts

Moderno Churrascaria deserts


The deserts we chose were rice pudding and traditional flan. As you can just make out from the photos, neither of them had any wow factor in presentation. They were very basic deserts for a speciality venue.

Moderno Churrascaria Review

The service is fine, but lacked some personal appeal. We felt like we’d had a meal but couldn’t get over excited about the evening.

The food was a mixed bag really. A nicely presented buffet with wonderful tasting dishes, various pieces of meat and fish with a selection of side dishes, followed by pretty average deserts.

Our score was 6/10.

Which was rather reflects a disappointing evening out at the Churrascaria restaurant on the Escape. Fortunately there are many more restaurants on the Norwegian Escape to choose from.

Also, this restaurant was the least busy of all venues that we tried.

Don’t be shy, comment

Have you dined at the Moderno Churrascaria on Norwegian Escape? Does this style of dining appeal to you? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

Before you go, you might like to check out our dining review of Cagney’s Steakhouse, the restaurant just opposite Moderno on Norwegian Escape.

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