New Years Eve Fireworks in Vina del Mar & Valparaiso, Chile

Fireworks in Valparaiso new years eve 2014/15

Fireworks in Valparaiso new years eve 2014/15


Ever dreamed about seeing in the new year in an exotic place? Ever said I want to be there next year to see the new years eve fireworks? I know the feeling, as both Monika & I have said that on a few occasions. This year 2014/15 we actually did spend it in a not-so-exotic place, but it sure as hell was awesome.

We spent New Years Eve in Vina del Mar & Valparaiso, Chile, and managed to stay in an apartment that had the best views of Vina del mar and the fireworks, for a steal. Yes that’s right, a steal.

Panorama of Vina del Mar bay

Panorama of Vina del Mar bay


If you want to stay in Valparaiso or Vina del Mar over new year and join the thousands, sorry millions that do, be prepared to pay a highly inflated price for accommodation. It’s crazy what some are charging. I enquired with a few places on AirBnB when looking for a place to stay, and some of them got booked at over $700 per night. I actually saw one that was over the $1000 dollar mark for the one night.

We managed to get ours for a steal at $130 AUD for the night, so we stayed for three (even though we got messed around) and we had the best views of the bay in Vina del Mar. I actually found a few places listed on AirBnB with reasonable prices, but after submitting a request, the owner came back and hiked up the price, dirty scum bags!

The fireworks display was awesome and went for 20 minutes. The bay which is a crescent shape actually had seven floating platforms that let off the fireworks out on the water. We could clearly see three of them from our place, with the others in the distance.

New Years Eve Fireworks in Vna del Mar 2014/15

New Years Eve Fireworks in Vna del Mar 2014/15


This is a short clip (just over 3 minutes) of the Valparaiso – Vina del Mar new years fireworks display. If you want to watch the whole display, nearly 20 minute, then scroll to the bottom of this blog post, the video is there.

After seeing the 2014/15 firework display from Vina del Mar, the question I find myself asking is, would I come again?

Moni & I enjoyed exploring what’s to see in Valparaiso and Vina del Mar. We would love to visit again to take in even more of the sights and walk around the famous hills with the wonderful coloured wall art. However, would we come back just for the fireworks, then the answer is no. Why? If that is all you come for, just the fireworks dispaly, to have it over and done for another year so quick (even though it was a 20 minute show) would be crazy. Add to that the HUGE price that so many do pay when staying here it makes it even a bigger NO WAY.

During our walk along the bay, all the way into the center of Vina del Mar on the afternoon of the 31st, there were a few groups of people with tents set up on the beach. Also people were camping under trees on green patches of grass in the park, and even some in people’s gardens. Being creative to beat the money greedy landlords or property owners that want to make as much of a win as they can is certainly popular.

My tip is this, if you want to go and stay over new year to see the awesome firework display, then book up early at a price you are happy with. Try and stay a bit longer, that way the person renting the place will hopefully give you a better deal like with us. The one-night-only thing will cost you a fortune that’s for sure.

In finishing my post about being in Chile for the New Years Eve fireworks in Vina del Mar or Valparaiso. I’d like to add that it was an amazing experience and it was a very special feeling to have been able to witness it live and so close. To actually have the booming sound go right through you as each rocket punched the sky made it feel so real.

In those moments of the early hours begining this new year. I (we) are so very grateful for all that this wonderful world gives us each and every day.

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