Oh Deer, Deer, Deer & Deer

I know that British Columbia has many wild animals, some more dangerous than others, and among the not so dangerous ones are the deer, that is except when they have their fawn. I was lucky the other day to catch a glimpse of one, but didn’t manage to get a photo, Today I was prepared.

Day 102 – June 12th.

As i’m up very early in the morning thanks to Guffer the cat also known as my alarm clock, i’ve seen a few female deer and on the odd occasion with their young fawn. As you know by now, I’m for ever taking photos, some not so good others stunning, trying to capture images of animals with an iPhone camera is not so easy.

Most of the time I find myself too far away to capture the picture to really show what I see through my eyes so I tried experimenting with my binoculars, holding them steady and at the right angle to enhance the picture. With a lot of hit and miss attempts I managed a few.

Deer from a distance on Bowen Island

Deer from a distance on Bowen Island


Two baby deer (fawn) were around and even though I was super quiet, they could sense me and took off, but not before I managed a few shots, also one through the binoculars.

The deer walking down the path and into the garden

The deer walking down the path and into the garden


As you can see the deer do come very close to the house, they love to feed on the yellow dandelions and other natives.

Each time we spot a deer we say “Oh Deer”…

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