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MSC Magnifica 22 Night Transatlantic Cruise Review 2015

  22-Night South America to Europe cruise – MSC Magnifica review 2015 Moni & I recently embarked on a 22-Night South America to Europe Cruise with MSC aboard MS Magnifica from Buenos Aires to Venice. We had 12 sea days and visits to Rio, Salvador & Recife in Brazil before crossing the Transatlantic to Santa Cruz […]

Boarding MSC Magnifica in Buenos Aires – 21 Night Cruise to Venice

  Cruise day is once again upon us, and the cruise ship MSC Magnifica, is at Benito Quinquela Martin port in Buenos Aires. This MSC ship will become our home for the next 21 days as we make our way from Buenos Aires to Venice, via Rio, Salvador da Bahia and Recife which are our three […]