The Essential What to Pack For The Camino de Santiago Guide

Buen Camino folks… Yes it’s high time that we get excited about the Camino de Santiago, especially if you’re planning to hike for days on end in the future. Moni & I would love to go again for another 56 days, it’s just making the time, right?

But seriously, if you’re thinking about it or even if it’s on your ‘must do list’ then make plans, set things in motion and make it happen. It could be an amazing experience that you’d wished you did years ago 🙂

Anyway, it’s been a while since we did our Camino and I know that we never got around to revealing what we actually, really, truthfully told you what we had in our packs.

However, we did record all of our gear while staying at this wonderful hostel at the end of our Camino in Finistere where we burnt our shoes! sssshhhhhh

This is the video from Moni and what she had in her backpack, basically a fully loaded backpack packed for the female traveler.


Unfortunately my recording skills are not likely to win any awards but the content is what really matters here 🙂

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