Wivenhoe Dam, Lake Wivenhoe & Cormorant Bay

Today we went out for a drive. House sitting in Warner is close to Wivenhoe Lake and a very pleasant drive through the D’aguilar State Forest & Mount Glorious with views to Mount Nebo and the Western Window Lookout.

We’d driven across the Wivenhoe Dam before but never stopped for a look around, this time we did. There are a couple of spots to view the lake and the dam, first, we stopped at the Spillway Lookout.

Spillway Lookout Wivenhoe Dam

From the Spillway Lookout, you can see the Small Wivenhoe Hydro. It’s operating 24/7 all year long. It’s a clean, green power generation facility. The dam wall is 59 metre high, 2.3 kilometres long built across the Brisbane River.

Wivenhoe Hydro

There are a car park and picknick area at Cormorant Bay directly off the Lake which apparently is quite a popular spot.

Cormorant Bay at Wivenhoe

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