About Us

We love travel and are passionate about cruising…

Hi, we’re John and Nika. We’re creating our odyssey by following the call of our hearts. And you can follow our journey by taking a front-row seat right here on this blog.

John & Monika Mundell

We love cruising because…

  • We don’t have to cook.
  • We don’t have to clean.
  • We don’t have to do the dishes.
  • We don’t have to navigate traffic.
  • And…

It’s the BEST holiday you can imagine… provided you don’t get sea sick.

But even though we love to watch tropical sunsets in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and sip chilled Chardonnay while being surrounded by days of empty waters, we also love foraging for local delights at a Bangkok market, waking up to the cacophony of birdsong in the Australian rainforest… and hitch a ride in an open boat with no sunshade in Fiji.

We love feeling ALIVE, by following the call of adventure!

And once again we’re going to leave comfort behind in search of freedom and choices.

Feel free to check in frequently to follow our odyssey as we blog about our life on the road. We made a conscious decision to leave the comfort of a fully furnished home behind, and hit the road in search of BLISS.