House & Pet Sitting

Welcome to our House & Pet Sitting information page

Hello and welcome. So you’re either looking for a house sitter and came across this page from a link on one of our applications or maybe you’re just snooping us out, either way, stick around and we hope you love what you find here and on many of our other pages.

If you want to see our references and skip the juicy stuff below then ok click here, however some of the important things you should know are below so make sure you have a read either now or later. If you’re in Australia and want to check our availability then go here to the Mind-a-Home website.

First up, who are we?

We are John & Monika Mundell the husband and wife team behind Entrepreneurs Odyssey, with Monika being the stronger entrepreneur of the two of us (this is John writing if you didn’t already figure).

We are a middle-aged couple that love to travel & cook, and used to love to entertain. Now we roam the globe at a slow pace getting to know the locals and their way of life where ever we stay.

Our backgrounds have been for some 22 & 26 years in hospitality and yes that’s where we met, in a hot and sweaty kitchen many moons ago. How romantic, NOT, but we have enjoyed many romantic moments since and look forward to many more.

It’s a real tough gig working in some of the best kitchens in the world at the high velocity that is required, think Gordan Ramsey and others. Today, I do all the cooking while Monika, Nika for short, works on her passion which is coaching women (and men) in business with their messagaging, marketing and systems.

The knives have been traded for a laptop and even though the scenes have changed the passion and love for what she does burns strong within. Thanks to the Entrepreneurial mind of Nika we now have a means to travel more without having to stay in any one place.

That’s enough about us, lets talk about what we can do for you, much more important, right.

Being able to travel allows us to pretty much be anywhere at anytime, within reason that is. That makes us the ideal house sitters for you. By not having to much of a regimented schedule we can house sit at times when others may not be able, not just during school holidays etc.

Why allow us to house & pet sit your place?

First of all, we know what it’s like to own a home. A place that you treasure and invested your life savings into it. To decorate it with furnishings that speak to you. We have had two homes ourselves and put many hours of blood sweat and tears into creating our dream homes. We know how important they are to you and will respect that in every way.

We have had two investment properties that we rented and know that this can be a scary time. The uncertainty of knowing if the tenants are going to be good, are they going to pay the rent on time or even at all. Are they going to trash the place and eventually move out leaving you with a massive clean up bill to bring the property you once loved back to all its glory.

We don’t wish these dramas on anyone with a home or property and that’s why you can rely on us. Two grown up and honest people who respect the values of fellow humans no matter what colour or creed to look after your home as if it was our own till the day you return.

Let us make you smile

We always loved to see the huge smiles on friends faces as they enjoyed our hospitality at visits to our home and also when we visit them, to spoil them is one of my greatest gifts and it fills my heart with joy and the reward is that wonderful smile.

Here’s looking forward to your beaming smile when we see you on that day in the near future.

Love and joy to you our future friend

John & Nika