House Sitting References

House Sitting & Pet Caring references as they come in… is yours the next?

Some of the love we have received from the House Sitting and Pet Caring opportunities we have been blessed with.

Guffer the cat on Bowen Island just off Vancouver, Canada

Pet sitting Guffer the cat

Pet sitting Guffer the cat


“We came across John & Monika through a friend who fortunately referred them to us in time for our trip away.

John & Monika have become true friends as a result of their house sitting for us. They are wonderful people with a great outlook on life.

John & Monika met our needs for a house sitter in every way, looking after our established garden and home just as we would.  Our place looked wonderful on our return, and everything was in its right place. They took to our adorable cat Guffer or should I say that Guffer took to them and was totally spoilt to say the least.

Before and after our return from our trip we were treated as if we were the guests in our own home, Monika & John being retired from the ‘hospitality’ industry blessed us with many a nice meal and we didn’t even get to wash up!  Equally importantly, they were very respectful of our private spaces and took great care with our belongings.

When we have our next trip planned we will certainly be asking John & Monika to house sit for us again and can highly recommend them to anyone looking for honest reliable house sitters who know how to look after a home”.

Brian & Shasta Martinuk

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Two wonderful dogs stole our hearts in Brisbane, Australia

Pet Caring for puppies

Pet Caring for puppies


“Shiloh and Zulu want to know where Monika and John Mundell have gone, they took such good care of us and our house when our family went away.

Words can not describe how thankful we are to Monika and John for looking after our babies and the house when we were away. You did a brilliant job, and we are forever grateful.

Would definitely ask Monika and John to house sit for us again in a heartbeat”.

Robert & Tania da Fonseca

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Birds of a feather

We can also look after your feathered friends having had many a flock in our lives over the years.

Check out our website all About Cockatiels to see the extent of knowledge and experience we have in caring for these wonderful birds.

Police clearances

Both Monika & I were born in Europe, Monika in Switzerland and myself in the UK. Having also lived and worked in other countries for over a year we must legally get police clearances for those countries as well. How do we know this? As part of our extensive background checks for our migration to Australia, these were among the documents and checks we had to produce.

Taking this into consideration and knowing that these clearances are only valid for a 12 month period, it would be an ongoing task for us to have them done. That being said, our background checks were immaculate otherwise we would have been rejected our entry and Citizenship of Australia.

So you can rest assured that we are truly honest and law-abiding citizens. However if you feel the need that we must give you more proof then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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