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  • Dutton Bay, South Australia

    2018 Long Awaited Update

    If I said that I’ve lots of catching up to do that would be the understatement of the year! Anyway, it’s true. But for now, I’m going to start with the latest update so that everyone knows where we are and what we’re uptown. Currently, we are house sitting three wonderful rescue cats that require […]

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  • Sorry For The Lack of Posts

    Hello folks, first of all I want to apologise for the lack of posts, Moni & I have had such a busy time enjoying ourselves that I have struggled to make time to write. Not just that, I had a bit of burnout with regards to keeping up with the EO blog. Anyway… we are […]

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  • As close to the wake as you can get

    Crown Princess Voyage to Iceland Day 2

    We woke up to glorious sunshine into the cabin. The obstructed view is really very minimal as you can see from the photos. Moni & I had slept really good as we usually do when at sea.   Cruise day 2, at Sea Day 1281 – September 3rd, 2017   Today’s events are always printed […]

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  • Drill on Crown Princess

    Crown Princess Cruise 2017

    We have just got off the Crown Princess after 15 nights cruising from Southampton to New York via Lerwick in the Shetland Islands then three stops in Iceland Akureyri Isafjordur & Reykjavik before a couple of stops in Canada one in St John’s Newfoundland then Halifax Nova Scotia. This is where I will tell you […]

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  • Chalet de Gruyères

    Fondue at Le Chalet de Gruyères in Fribourg

    As it is my birthday tomorrow, Stefano asked what I’d like to eat for dinner and my choice was Swiss Fondue. Naturally, one of the best places to enjoy this traditional Swiss dish is in the medieval village of Gruyères in Fribourg. Day 1242 – July 26th, 2017 Gruyeres is not too far from Bern, […]

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  • Magnum of Boffa Barbaresco 2013

    Birthday Boy John, Spoilt Once Again

    What can I say, my friends are truly special, and after a great night out yesterday enjoying cheese fondue in Gruyères tonight we stayed home and cooked 5 star cuisine once again. Day 1243 – July 27th, 2017 Together we prepared dinner Stefano cooked his delicious herb crusted lamb racks, which are always a hit, […]

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  • View from the Waldhaus over the village

    Final Morning Bettmeralp With Breakfast in The Waldhaus

    Having packed our bags and left the chalet in a clean & tidy state, we went to the Waldhaus hotel to enjoy breakfast. Day 1252 – August 5th, 2017 Day 8 Bettmeralp   The sun was up burning off the few clouds that were hanging around. Before long it would be another hot day.   […]

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  • Sali-du, Happy Olten & Galway at the Glacier

    Schönbiel to Gletscherstube & Märjelensee Via The Tälligrat Tunnel

    Our final full day on the Bettmeralp is here and even though the five day lift pass has expired we still wanted to walk some more. The weather was stunning once again and our hike today was to the Gletscherstube and Märjelensee where you can get very close to the Aletsch Glacier. The other cool […]

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  • Electro bike ride on the Bettmeralp

    Electro Bike Tour on The Bettmeralp, Not For the Faint Hearted

    During our first day on the Alp walking through the village, we chose to reserve electro bikes for today and it was now time to give them a go on the Bettmeralp. This was our first time ever on an electro bike…   Day 1250 – August 3rd, 2017 Day 7 Bettmeralp Electro bikes on […]

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