101 Cruising Tips to have the time of your life book

101 Cruising Tips to have the time of your life eBook

Thinking of taking a cruise holiday? Make sure it’s not the worst decision you make and get informed with these insider tips before you go one step further.

Cruising can be a very expensive in more ways than one, arm yourself with savvy cruise knowledge and avoid the dreaded extra costs.

The information I’ve put together in this book, from costly experiences to the most rewarding can help you avoid the common and not so common pitfalls of cruise life at sea.

For Moni & I, cruising is a very rewarding pastime and one that I hope will truly be yours as well. Knowing what to expect and what not to expect can make or break a special vacation, from simple things like, the best times of the year to cruise to avoid kids, the ideal cruise lines for families, do you really need to tip, should you pre-book shore tours, when would be the best time to use the spa?

These 101 tips cover all of that and much more. This is not some paid freelance written eBook, I have created this from our personal experiences and those of other cruise passengers.

Grab your copy now, over 50 pages each with colourful photos of cruise life.

101 cruising tips eBook

101 cruising tips eBook

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Whether you’ve cruised before or planning your first ever cruise, these 101 cruise tips will be sure to come in handy.

What began as a monster checklist and cruise reminder for my Moni & I has now turned into the cruise 101 must know before you go eBook to share with you.

I’ve put together this eBook as a result of many cruise and travel experiences and as well as insider knowledge from cruise staff and fellow passengers.

The 101 Cruising Tips to have the time of your life ebook is broken down into several sections.

  • Introduction
  • General Travel Tips
  • Planning for your cruise
  • Getting onboard the cruise ship
  • While cruising
  • In case of concerns while onboard
  • Essential things to take on your trip
  • How the weather will affect your cruise
  • Exploring each port
  • Managing extra costs on board
  • Cruising as a family holiday
  • How to have the best cruise experience without the added cost
  • Conclusion

Over 5o pages each with colourful photos of cruise life that will put your mind at ease by answering many of those nagging questions about the world of cruising.



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Here’s to you and future happy cruising for everyone 🙂

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