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Wanna know how to create a freedom business to travel the world?

It’s easier than you think!

And it changes EVERYTHING!

Because when you’re free to hand-pick the projects that speak to your heart, and work with the clients that nurture your soul — you’re FREE to design your FREEDOM business.

Most people believe travel is expensive.

It can be. But it doesn’t have to.

Others doubt they have it within them to create a freedom business.

John & I have travelled extensively around the world — in luxury, and with a strict budget. What we do know is this: travel is generally cheaper than living in your own home (even if you’re renting).

When you travel, you can eliminate many of the bills you pay when you have a fixed address.

But before you can think about taking off in search of FREEDOM you need to create time freedom, and leverage your expertise.

Wraped up warm for our bus tour of Cadiz

Wrapped up warm for our bus tour of Cadiz

We can help you with that.

  • We know what it takes to build a successful business from scratch — and do it all without any support.
  • We also know how to look for, find, and keep fantastic team members: from tech support, through to social media, VAs, PAs and writers… because we’ve done it.
  • We’ve spent years refining our business, cutting the actual hours we work each week, and leveraging our expertise in search of time freedom.
  • We’re getting closer to our goal of working a 15-hour week. And we’re also growing our residual income every month.

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For a short time only you can benefit from a FREE no-bull strategy session with Monika (Nika).

If you’re dreaming about growing your business to a stage where you can take it on the road, then we can help you get there.

Why? Because we’re doing it. And we’ve already moved across the world once.

Apply now for a complimentary “SPARK Your Dream Coaching Session with Monika.”

(Monika currently bills her coaching clients thousands a day).

She doesn’t muck around. Monika gets straight to the point.

So you can start or get back to your business + hit the ground running.

You get:

  • A pre-call questionnaire from John, to prime you for your time with Monika. (This isn’t going to be a walk in the park, you will be expected to put some sweat + maybe even tears into the mix.) But you do want results, right?
  • A 30-minute clarity + strategy session with Nika on Skype.
  • Detailed feedback on the effectiveness of your current website copy, your marketing funnel, and your branding. OR a plan to help you take the first steps to launch your dream business.
  • A follow-up marketing strategy that builds on what we discussed during the call, so you can take concentrated action and get massive results.

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Nothing is off limits during the call. But if you want the most bang for your time we suggest you focus on three to four areas of your business — so we can give them the time + energy they deserve to kindle the FIRE and ignite your momentum.

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