Pet Sitting Guffer The Cat Whilst House Sitting on Bowen Island

Not only do we get to stay in this wonderful spot here in British Columbia and house sit, we also get the pleasure of pet sitting Guffer the cat.

Guffer is such a placid puss and entertains himself. In just a few short days Guffer has successfully captured the attention of Moni and she is at his beck and call.

Day 101 – June 11th.

Guffer in the dirt with Moni combing

Guffer in the dirt with Moni combing


Me, well I’m good enough to clean out his litter box… Oh well I guess it’s not that bad I do get to cuddle now and then.

As for Guffer, I think he’s quite happy to accept us into his domain, even though I struggle with the 4.30am wake up that he gives us every day.

Really, he’s no trouble at all and we are enjoying his company, and now we can add cat pet sitters to our resume along with dogs and birds.

Pet sitting Guffer the cat

Pet sitting Guffer the cat


Looking forward to many more house sitting and pet sitting opportunities in the future as we make our way around the world.

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