The World’s First Pirate Cruise with a Real Treasure Hunt!

The world’s first pirate cruise with a real treasure hunt… Find the gold, Aye aye Captain.

This morning I received a really exciting email from one of the many cruise companies that I subscribe to. Every day my inbox is full of the latest and best deals out there, but today was something extra special.

Think Survivor television show…

If you’re anything like me, as a child you dreamed of being a pirate and played at home with eye patches, skull & crossbones flags, model pirate ships. Think peter pan and captain hook… treasure boxes full of golden trinkets, are you back in that dream yet?

Maybe not, but there is a real chance to make that dream a reality.

In November 2017, 200 wannabe pirates, not your average cruise passengers I might add, will embark on a real treasure hunt in the Caribbean. Yes, real treasure, around 3 kilo of GOLD is up for grabs to the luckiest of pirates who embarks on this adventures treasure hunt.

I knew that would grab your attention.

A 10 day pirate cruise aboard Treasure Expedition.

Forget about massive 20 decked steel cruise ships with butler service, luxurious suites and lavish 5 course dinners, this adventure cruise will not indulge in those traditional cruise highlights.

A three-masted wooden pirate ship from the 19th century will provide for a nostalgic life experience taking you back to Sir Francis Drake times. Keeping inline with history, the interior of the ship has been traditionally refurbished as well as the upholding true appearance of a pirate ship.

There are three types of accommodation onboard.

Suite or Captain’s cabin; which has a double bed and private bathroom (not sure how many of these there are but I expect maybe only the one).

Inside or Dormitory cabin; up to six people share these dormitory-style cabins.

Outside or On Deck cabin; these are literally outside and under the stars, in true pirate style with hammocks.

The cheapest sleeping arrangement is the outside deck hammocks, which actually sounds really nice and adds to the adventure sleeping on deck watching for shooting stars, a lot safer than back in the 19oo’s with shooting lead muskets flying through the air.

What to expect onboard.

The meals on this cruise adventure are also keeping with the theme, expect rustic barbeques, freshly caught fish and Caribbean style dishes that make up hearty breakfasts, a lunch buffet and dinners on the open deck.

Now to the fun part…

What springs to mind when thinking of pirate ships and adventures on the high seas? Tug-of-war, sword fighting, walking the plank etc…

Well, what would a pirate adventure be without all of them and more. On board entertainment includes arm wrestling competitions, box-ercise, hurdling, and tug-of-war and sword fighting and the dreaded walking of the plank. As well as some more serious topics, like lectures on how to find food and water, botany and pirate language lessons, all which will be no doubt required on the Island during the treasure hunt. Also classes to aid with the preparation against natural emergencies, exotic animal attacks and even hostile conquerors.

Pirate shows complete the evening along with poetry readings, and for those pirates that wish to have a lasting memory of the world’s first pirate cruise and treasure hunt, you can get a tattoo from the onboard tattoo artist. Some the above are an extra cost.

Like many cruises there is the required dress code.

The dress code for this cruise is “Swashbuckler”

It goes without saying that a pirate costume is compulsory. Anything from boots, hats, gold teeth/no teeth, capes, stuffed parrots, plastic swords… you get the idea right? Some items can be found onboard, but it’s always best to be prepared sailor.

The real treasure hunt.

Apart from all the afore-mentioned fun things to do, there is a serious side to this cruise adventure and that is the hunt for the real treasure.

The cruise highlight is no doubt the treasure hunt in the Caribbean and the actual island where the treasure is hidden is called Norman Island and is in fact the island that Robert Louis Stevenson based his Treasure Island story about… Go google map it now and check out the terrain.

After cruising from San Juan through the British Virgin Islands reaching tropical Norman Island on day four, participants then have to get to the Island in small boats. Once on the Island each pirate will be given the most important treasure map ever, containing clues to the whereabouts of the hiding place of the treasure. Bonus clues will be given to pirates that have an eye patch or wooden leg.

Pirates have 72 hours to find the treasure which is approximately a 3 kilogram bar of gold. FYI, should more than one pirate find the treasure simultaneously then the prize will be shared equally, that’s pretty cool.

That’s not all folks.

After the treasure hunt is over and all pirates have rejoined the ship, the fun continues with two days visiting Ginger Island & Virgin Gorda, where you can relax and slowly return to reality before returning to San Juan, but it doesn’t stop there.

A huge welcome party hosted by a famous American actor will top off this amazing pirate cruise treasure hunt adventure of a lifetime… Ohh, and the treasure, that will be flown by armored guard for the winner to their safe deposit box. So go on then, get your SDB ready and book this adventure now.


the passengers on this cruise will not only become richer in life experience, someone will find the treasure of gold worth $1 million


Are you as excited as I am? This is a fabulous adventure and at a bargain price.

According to Fabian Scholz, the head of CruiseAway Australia, the three-day treasure hunt adventure to Norman Island is physically and mentally demanding. He suggested that a good basic physical fitness is the most important requirement for participation in this extraordinary journey.

For those interested in the world’s first pirate cruise with a real treasure hunt, more details along with fitness and packing requirements can be found online at

Fair winds to ya me hearties…


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