Newest Cruise Ship in The World, Here We Come Again

How cool is this, we are going on the newest cruise ship in the world… AGAIN. Not just that, I have also booked the next transatlantic crossing to get us back to Europe for May this year with Celebrity cruises.

Caribbean cruises are very popular and you often see really good deals. This year I have spent many hours searching for the best deals and sure enough there have been some awesome prices that shouldn’t be missed, however, being able to cruise at the perfect time to appreciate these special deals is not always easy.

Unfortunately for us, this year we have a 12 day period when we can cruise in the Caribbean which is great, but also it has limited us to only a few cruises that are available during our time frame.

Not only that, you have the option of East or West Caribbean cruises and generally the ships do one week East the next West… Knowing that we prefered to go East limited us even more. So having said all of that, I chose our cruise with only a few options. The cruise that I decided on is a 7 day Eastern Caribbean trip on the newest ship in the world the Norwegian Escape.

I would have loved to sample a different ship but as I explained before with limited dates the choices diminish. Not that we are disappointed one bit, NO WAY, we are mega excited again just as we are for all of our cruises that we have the pleasure of enjoying.

What better way to take your first cruise than on the worlds newest cruise ship

This cruise is a little extra special as we are introducing the world of cruising to Moni’s sister.

Guy Harvey artwork on NCL Escape

Guy Harvey artwork on NCL Escape


The Escape sure is a big vessel and in many ways different from others that we have cruised on before, some might say that she’s too big, too busy or that they never had enough time to see or do everything they wanted, everyone will always have a different opinion depending on likes and dislikes, take a look at some of the things we experienced on the Escape.

For Moni & I it will be good to experience the Escape cruising in the waters that she was designed for, warm evenings, calm seas and idyllic places… A stark contrast to the Inaugural transatlantic crossing that we took four months ago on her from Southampton to Miami.

We are certainly looking forward to the balmy temperatures while enjoying a drink or two sat on our balcony with the moonlight shimmer on the water after spending the day on St Thomas or Tortola… I was almost there as I sip a little more from my G&T here in Colombia.

If you haven’t read much or seen many photos of the Norwegian Escape then take a look at my review of our transatlantic crossing late last year, it will give you a very good idea of what you could expect.

Happy cruising people.

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