A Visit to the Estadio Neighborhood in Medellin

The thought of being in a city where so many are passionate about football like in Colombia and not going to a stadium would be wrong, today while in Estadio a neighborhood of Medellin we took a walk around and at one stage were outside the Estadio Atanasio Girardot.

Day 205 – September 23rd, 2014.

We waited for Zoe & Zane on the corner of a road close to us both, in front of this mural. To get to Estadio from Envigado we took a taxi which cost around 14000 peso $7.90 AUD and took about 20 minutes.

Waiting on the corner of this street infront of a colourful mural

Waiting on the corner of this street in front of a colourful mural


We had our Spanish lesson today in Estadio and once we had finished we explored the area with MiLe as our guide.

Walking around Estadio in Medellin

Walking around Estadio in Medellin


“Lunch at Saludpan in Estadio, Medellin”

We had lunch in a really good health conscious restaurant where they stock a variety of products and also produce many different breads. In a room to the side of the restaurant they offer cooking classes. The place looks a bit like something out of Stephane Alexander book or Richmond Hill Cafe.

Lunch at Saludpan

Lunch at Saludpan


Lunch was nice and very tasty, but we still love our local place in Envigado “El Supremo” for an awesome menu del dia.

After lunch MiLe took us to her favourite coffee place to have the amazing chocolate cake which she had mentioned would be well worth going for.

“Cafe Revolucion in Estadio, Medellin”

We chose flat whites and chocolate cake. The coffee was great, just what we had hung out for, strong, full of flavour with awesome creme. The milk was tempered to the perfect temperature and was perfect to drink.

As for the chocolate cake, boy was that good. A slightly crunchy crust with a soft center, not a self saucing center but just moist enough to tease.

Coffee & chocolate cake at Cafe Revolucion

Coffee & chocolate cake at Cafe Revolucion


Two coffees and one cake was 12,600 peso $7.10 AUD, great value, and they have a rewards card. If you want a great coffee, like an espresso, or latte etc not your local black juice from hell drip drip stuff then head to Cafe Revolution in Laurels near Estadio in Medellin. Here you can read the full review on Cafe Revolucion.

Feeling very satisfied we continued our walk around the neighborhood, with the main area of Estadio having nice wide roads and really good pavements, it also has a designated bike path with bikes for hire from various points.

The bike path in Estadio, Medellin

The bike path in Estadio, Medellin


“Estadio Atanasio Girardot in Colombia”

Eventually we came to a huge sporting complex with a massive inside arena that was divided into many rooms for different activities. Outside were various groups of people participating in trainings for each team’s sport. A couple of swimming pools and skateboard area also made up this which is right next to the local stadium.

The Estadio Atanasio Giraddot in Medeilln

The Estadio Atanasio Girardot in Medeilln


Click this link for more information on the stadium and how to get tickets for the local games.

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