D’aguilar State Forest & Mount Glorious, Mount Nebo and the Western Window Lookout

Our first stop was at the Westridge Lookout and you can see why from the awesome views.

View from Westridge Lookout

Next up we did a short walk in D’aguilar forest. It was only short due to the signs prohibiting entry due to the severe bush fire threat.

No entry due to bush-fire threat

But as you can see, it would be a stunning forest walk considering this was just a glimpse.

Natural Gum tree art
This was once a formidable tree

A stunning drive along the A31 from Strathpine to Lake Wivenhoe up to Mount Glorious along with views to Mount Nebo and a stop at the Western Window lookout.

Western Window Lookout

Following the Mount Glorious road brings you to the Wivenhoe Lookout which is certainly worth a stop. It was very hot and you have a number of steps to cover down to the platform, where you get this view…

View from the Wivenhoe Lookout towards Wivenhoe Lake

From here we continued along the route 31 making our way down towards the lake. Please note, that the road is very steep in parts.

Once down, just turn off and follow the Wivenhoe Somerset road to Wivenhoe Dam. At the lake, you can picnic in the Cormorant Bay recreation area, stop at the Wivenhoe Hydro lookout.

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