Toyota LC – Rear Camping Fitout DIY (Bed & Drawers)

The idea was for Moni & I to be able to sleep in the back of the Landcruiser when camping out.

Of course, you can buy those sliding drawers and kits to put in the back, but I wanted something that I could build and more customizable.

I’ve fitted her out in the back with a couple of drawers and a base sheet of ply that folds up or down behind the rear seats and becomes a bed. Four legs screw in at the front to help with the weight and balance.

To enable the back seats to still be used I needed the bed to fold back, so a couple of piano hinges do the trick. The front half that folds back is slightly narrower than the fixed part above the drawers. This allows for the shape of the car.

We have some storage space above the wheel arches for shoes and soft items, while the two drawers each hold a plastic foldable box which is easily taken in and out.

A blowup mattress fits neatly in, cover that with a sheepskin protector and we now have an awesome bed. Moni added a couple of fairy light strips for ambience and we’re all set for some camping.

A huge thank you to Mr Pete for all his help and skill in putting this together, without his tools, time and technique it wouldn’t have happened. Cheers mate.

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