Arrival at Denver Colorado, The Super Shuttle to Marriott Denver West

The flight from Portland was fine and we had managed to calm down after the earlier scare of almost missing the flight due to the crappy set up at United’s check-in and then the actual slow and less than helpful security procedure at Portland airport.

Day 134  – July 14th.

It’s really funny when we look at all the positive and negative parts to many places and wonder why we all can’t learn and adopt the best practice’s from each different place. For example in Australia there are dedicated staff that patrol the check-in lines asking about flight bookings and if you are some how running late in the queue they will pull you out and get you expressed through.

That is just one example, I could go on about other places with great solutions to ease problems and make everything smooth for all concerned, but that’s another post maybe.

Closer to Denver landing

Flying closer to Denver and landing at Denver airport


“It can be a bit confusing for first timers as it is not all that well marked”

Arriving at the gate we proceed to the baggage claim… At Denver airport that requires you taking a train/subway downstairs from where you enter the airport and travelling to the baggage claim. It can be a bit confusing for first timers as it is not all that well marked.

Denver airport

Denver airport


We found our way to the correct carousel and collected our baggage, next we had to find our way to the shuttle pick up area.

Baggage claim at Denver airport

Baggage claim at Denver airport


“Getting the Super Shuttle to Denver West”

The airport has an East and West side and a few levels, one side is for arrivals one for departures. We manage to find the right exit, all doors are numbered so once you know where to go you can located the exit ok.

Denver airport is really quite nice and is still undergoing development and so has a few disruptions in place.

Getting the Super Shuttle to Denver West

Getting the Super Shuttle to Denver West


“the good thing is that we can actually check-in at 11am”

The shuttle arrived and we loaded in our bags an off we went towards the hotel Denver West Marriott where we will stay for three nights, Moni has a business group mentor coaching seminar to attend here.

The trip is not long and soon we are checking in to our room, the good thing is that we can actually check-in at 11am, which is great news and highly unusual these days.

Marriott Denver West, check-in.

Marriott Denver West, check-in.


We quickly get our stuff to the room so Moni can change and head to the group meeting which is already in progress. We new that we’d be late and Moni had excused her self.

That left me to explore and settle in.

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