Dinner at The Captain’s Table Dinner

How do you get a seat at the Captain’s table for dinner was the question we got asked all day long by other passengers. Read on to find out what we told them.

Tonight we are having dinner at The Captains Table.

Having had to put the clocks forward for the past few nights, today we actually cross the international date line and experience the same day twice. Before crossing The International Date Line we will have dinner at The Captains Table.

Day 75 – May 17th.

Cruise Day 8 – At Sea

A few days earlier, we had received an invitation to the Captain’s table for dinner with Zafer the F&B manager on board the Millennium. The invitation kindly asked us if we could reply if we would be interested or not…

We had to have some serious discussions whether or not we should go… Only kidding, I picked up the phone and said we would be delighted to attend the dinner with Zafer.

Captain’s Table Dinner on Celebrity Millennium

Tonight we joined some fellow guests for pre dinner canapés and champagne in the Cellar Masters prior to our dinner at the Captain’s table. We introduced each other and chatted for a while until Zafer Colak the F&B Director and his wife Erin are ready to join us for dinner.

All up we were 4 couples one couple from Europe, one from the U.S and two from Australia. Erin, Zafer’s wife is Australian and it was his request to have two couples from down under at the table, lucky us.

We enjoyed a couple of glasses of champagne and a few of the canapés not wanting to fill up too quick. From here, we were escorted to the main dining room.

Guests & Zafer the F&B manager with his wife Erin at the F&B dinner

Guests & Zafer the F&B manager with his wife Erin at the F&B dinner

By the time we get to enter the dining room, it is full. We follow Zafer and his wife down the central staircase. Around the dining room other passengers are looking at us walking down the steps, imagine how we feel as we make our way to the captain’s table, which incidentally, is right at the very back centre of the dining room, not obvious at all.

We enjoy conversations and wines with dinner. All beverages for this event were complimentary and also a photo of us all sat at the Captain’s table.

Tonights meals at the F & B dinner

tonight’s meals at the F & B dinner


The menu is the same as the rest of the dining room. And we have all the top waiters looking after us as if we are kings & Queens.

Our entrée and second courses were very nice. I chose Duck a la orange for mains, which to my surprise was a half duck on the bone!!! not what you’d expect in a fine dining room, but I made the best from it.

Captains table dinner photo

Captain’s table dinner photo


We had a great evening and shared some nice words with Erin & Zafer.

I think that it is really great from Celebrity to make a special event like this for those very lucky passengers. Even though the Captain was not present at our dinner, the F&B manager Zafer with his wife were wonderful hosts.

How do you get to dine at the Captain’s table?

This is a question that many cruise passengers always wonder. I asked Zafer how do you get to dine at the Captain’s table?

He said that for this evenings table guests, he asked the dining room managers for happy couples especially from Australia and they recommended the chosen ones.

He went on to say that it can happen like that or by some other request from the F&B or Officer who is hosting the table, other than that, it’s chosen randomly.

It was an enjoyable evening with a nice group of people, who were all for the first time at a Captain’s table for dinner.

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