Drive from Cobar, through Nyngan, Gilgandra, Coonabarabran to Moree

Day … 16th September 2019

Day 3 of our drive from Strathalbyn SA to Aspley QLD. We begin today leaving early from Cobar and head towards Nyngan. A drive of 627 km in 6hrs & 44 minutes. A little longer for us.

In Nyngan we stopped for coffee and a quick look at the town.

It’s known as Bogan shire and there is a another of the BIG Aussie icons here, the big Bogan!

Bogan Shire Nyngan

I’m not so sure that some of the town people appreciate the title of Boganshire or worse still, having the icon the big bogan in the center of town.

The Big Bogan statue in Nyngan NSW

The real reason for the name and iconic statue of the big bogan is because of the Bogan River that runs here, also a street called Bogan Street and Bogan Way not forgetting the Bogan (shire) Council.

The name or meaning of Bogan is used to describe someone of a lower standing, an insulting word for a person whose way of dressing, speaking, and behaving is thought to show their lack of education and low social class. Often dressing in singlets, shorts and thongs!

Nyngan history museum helicopter

The old railway station is home to a museum of the history of Nyngan. A full-size helicopter stands aloft just off the main road at the entrance. The reason for this ‘Iroquois 1022’ helicopter being here is because it was donated to the town of Nyngan by the Federal Government to commemorate the evacuation of residents during the tragic 1990 Flood.

Nyngan history museum
Coffee from Mart’s Cafe in Nyngan
Mart’s Cafe in Nyngan main street

The Nyngan Coach House is right next to the Big Bogan statue and worth a look.

Nyngan Coach House museum
Nyngan Coach House museum

There are a few routes that will get you to Moree from Cobar, our drive towards Moree took us through Coonabarabran, where we stopped for coffee.

Coonabarabran NSW

Onwards to Moree…

Heading towards Moree

After checking into our motel in Moree we were soon in town for a coffee. The only place open was Cafe Omega, a very pleasant lady served but the coffee’s lacked quality.

Luckily for us, Moree has some other cafes with good reviews.

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