Staying at Murataya Ryokan in Kanazawa

We found the Murataya Ryokan which is just off the main street in Kanazawa about 7 minutes bus ride from the train station.

Day 43 – April 15th, 2014 continued. 

The ryokan has a dinning room which we never used and a communal area if you wanted to relax, unfortunately it was used by some smokers and not pleasant.

Murataya Ryokan in Kanazawa

Murataya Ryokan in Kanazawa


Our room was very comfortable with two nice futons, tea, biscuits, dressing gowns, towels, etc.

Images from our Ryokan in Kanazawa

Images from Murataya Ryokan in Kanazawa


This bathroom has three showers with small plastic stools that are only about 10 inches off the ground that you sit on and soap up and wash, then you rinse off before you can enter the bath.

Bloody hell, I could only manage it for a minute and even then only my legs, it was almost scolding. Apparently this is normal in Japan but for me it was way too hot, Moni managed to get submerged but only for a few minutes, she was very pink after, believe me.

Once we finished in the bath and showerd off again,in the adjacient room there are hair dryers to dry off and get changed into the robes.

Murataya Ryokan bathroom and toilet

Murataya Ryokan bathroom and toilet


The toilets are very clean and western style.

Check-in and check out were both easy and the cost of our one night stay at the Murataya Ryokan in Kanazawa was $111.81 AUD


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