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We tried the Teppanyaki restaurant on Norwegian Escape and it was just like going to any other Teppanyaki place around the world. This is our Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant review during our 10 night cruise.


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Teppanyaki Restaurant on NCL Escape

Teppanyaki Restaurant on NCL Escape


How much does Teppanyaki cost?

The price for this venue is a flat $29.95 plus 18% and you can use your dining package here to save.

Teppanyaki menu on NCL Escape

Teppanyaki menu on NCL Escape


Our dining experience

The first night onboard we chose to eat at the Teppanyaki restaurant. It was a lot less busy than the more popular Cagney’s and Le Bistro and we had no problem getting in without a reservation.

If you have never experienced a visit to a Teppanyaki place then definitely give it a go and enjoy the show. Yes it’s more a show than a gourmet dinner but enjoyable for sure.

This is the wine list onboard the Escape.

Wine list on NCL Escape

Wine list on NCL Escape


We enjoyed a bottle of Chardonnay with our meals.

Our main meal choices from the Teppanyaki combinations were Fillet Mignon with Lobster tail and Scallops with Jumbo Shrimp as well as the starters of Miso soup & seaweed salad and for dessert we both had green tea cake.

NCL Escape Teppanyaki dishes from our dinner

NCL Escape Teppanyaki dishes from our dinner


If you prefer to sit alone then this is not the ideal place for dinner. Here, up to 10 people sit together around the edges of a central cooking area. The chef entertains and cooks the main meals with side dishes on the hotplate in front of you.

Depending on your chef and his entertainment skills you can expect to have eggs thrown in the air, cooked egg thrown in to your mouth (if you’re a good catcher), toy wind up chickens running along the hotplate etc.

It’s quite a fun evening at a Teppanyaki restaurant and if you have good table companions it’s even better.

Our chef and his show was great. The soup & salad were both the same as I remembered them from our last Teppanyaki experience. Our main meals were very tasty and cooked to our liking, one couple at our table didn’t like her beef as she thought it was tough.

I wouldn’t say that the portions are huge here, but we didn’t leave feeling hungry.

The green tea cake was rather dry and I wonder if it is pre bought in packs, we did like the green tea ice cream that comes with it though. The lady who complained about her beef also complained about the fruit plate for dessert.

Teppanayki restaurant review

Our Score was 7/10 for the Teppanyaki restaurant.

The atmosphere was pretty good with action coming from multiple cooking stations. Our chef kept us entertained whilst cooking our main meals and we interacted with him quite good. The food was nice, just a bit limited in choice, for starters you have soup and salad, no choice.

The main drawcard here is the entertainment, the show from the chef, the experience. The service was fine and our wine was always topped up.

We could have given this an 8/10 score but considering that the choices are limited for the value you get, it had to be a 7.

Comment below, don’t be shy

Have you dined at a Teppanyaki restaurant before? Does this style of dining appeal to you? What are your thoughts on the fixed price speciality dining? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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