What Does it Cost to Spend 2 Months in Bugibba /Qawra Malta

This is another post on the topic of what it costs to travel the world long term and what we spend on a daily basis where we stay.

With our two month stay in Qawra on the island of Malta complete, this is what I documented of our daily spending & budgeting.

We flew to Malta from Rome with Air Malta and this cost us $156.22.

The figures are in AUD and were converted at the daily rate using XE app (give or take a few days) For my American friends, use the XE app or OANDA.com

All up we spent a total of $3590.28

(*we were a total of 52 days in Malta, just 8 days short of two months).

That equates to $34.52 per person per day. See how this compares to the other places we have stayed.

Broken down into;

  • Accommodation through AirBnB $1558.00  only AUD  that is $15.27 per/person/night
  • General food & everyday shopping $681.25  –  €489.37
  • Eating-drinking out $829.24   –  €594.45
  • Various transport $115.33   –  €83
  • SIM card, WiFi Internet $0   –  €0
  • Other Misc $406.46   –  €291.74

Notice here that we didn’t spend any extra on internet, SIM or wifi. The internet at the apartment was stable and fast and the Zero package that Moni secured in Italy carried over.

In the Misc category is included the Tattoo for Moni of ‘Miss Birdy’, which is not something she has done every place we stay!

Considering that our accommodation spend per night was very cheap, the actual cost of food and being out and about was a little more than say Alicante which was the other way around.

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