Warner House & Pet Sitting Cut Short

Our planned House & Pet sit in Warner was unfortunately cut short. The owners had planned a two-week cruise which they’ve had to cancel and therefore our month stay is now only 17 days.

Moni & I really enjoy getting settled in and bonding with the pets and owners when we do our house & pet sitting opportunities, and as a rule, I only accept sits of 4 weeks and longer.

This house-sit in Warner was booked for a month and was perfect for us as we were already in the area and also I had committed to the following sit also in the next suburb over.

Unfortunately, the young couple had to change their plans and cancel their honeymoon cruise, as the expecting mum would have been too far along to safely cruise (according to the cruise line).

What would we do? Leave these folks in a mess, having to rush around and find new sitters? Would we find a short sitting opportunity, stay in an Airbnb? A few options were available.

Lucky for us (and them) is that we have some great friends close by that have offered to share our company for the days between this and the next pet sitting adventure.

Right now, we are looking after a very gentle and well behaved Cattle dog called Bear and his sidekick a large cat called Milo.

Bear the Cattle dog

These guys seem to get along well and are very easy to take care of.

Pet Sitting Milo the cat

Hopefully, we will be able to report another fantastic review in a few weeks time. If you wish to read the most up-to-date house and pet sitting reviews then click the highlighted link.

Update… This stay was certainly the shortest of our house sits that we have successfully completed. Having said that, considering the length of our stay we bonded really well with Bear the Cattle dog and had so much fun keeping him entertained. Milo the cat kept to herself mostly and only came for affection on her terms.

Once again, after this sit, we are welcomed back to sit for them another time.


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