A Quick Stop at the Yatala Pie Restaurant

I can’t believe that even whilst living on the Gold Coast we never ventured to the Yatala Pie shop just off the Pacific Motorway at exit 38, we would have driven past at least 100 times.

So today we had nothing planned for snacks and with hunger setting in we spontaneously pulled off the M1 and within a minute or two we found ourselves in the Yatala Pie shop.

Plenty of choice at Yatala Pie Shop

There is plenty of choices, big family pies to individual ones. We ordered our pies and took them directly from the lady almost as soon as we’d paid. A good squeeze of Tomato sauce and let’s enjoy.

Nice and hot with crispy pastry. The filling oozing out as you bite in, just what you want from a pie.

Famous Yatala Pie


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