Bush Fires & House Sitting near Casino NSW

Wow, what a wonderful house & pet sit we have just completed. Considering the devastating bush fire situation in NSW and other states in Australia, I think we were very fortunate that our latest house & pet sit went well and the owners have returned to their beloved pets.

At one stage, we had two fire engines at the end of our street. Having said that, we were really never in any serious danger. It was, however, quite an anxious house sit.

We kept a constant eye on the NSW bushfire app ‘fires near me’ which you can set up to send alerts as well as check on the condition of other fires in the state.

Fires near me app

We did this not only for our safety but also to keep the owners updated multiple times a day with the situation. The fact that the owners were overseas didn’t help. But saying that, the regular communication really helped them enjoy their holiday.

Moni & I take our house & pet sitting very seriously and made sure to have a fire evacuation plan in place and ready to act-on at a moments notice. Thankfully it never came to that stage, though lots were not so fortunate and hundreds of animals, properties, possessions and many lives have been lost in these latest fires.

The Joy of Pet Sitting

On a more positive note, Saffron, Delilah & Neko have a place in our hearts now and forevermore. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the three cats, even the restless nights, the crazy 4.30am wake-ups.

Pet sitting office cats

The office assistants, the battles to feed each of them peacefully, the challenge to prepare our meals, but every second was worth it.

On the chopping block

We’d do it again in an instant.

I’ve not even mentioned the amazing home yet… this place was stunning and the outlook as well.

Stunning views in Casino
House & Pet sitting pleasures

I left Moni alone for a couple of nights as this was an overlapping house sit, I’m writing this post from the next house & pet sit, in Warner.

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