Broken Hill & The Broken Heel

Day … 14th September 2019

Sounds like a tongue in cheek spin on words and so it is. The Broken Heel weekend is an annual event held in Broken Hill.

Which just so happened to be concluding this Monday when we arrived. That explains why there was little to no accommodation available when I was searching.

It came about to celebrate the theatrical anniversary of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. The Broken Heel Festival is a fabulous three-day event hosted in Broken Hill. If non-stop comedy, cabaret, live music and social activities paying homage to the iconic cult movie and stage musical excites you, then you gotta get to Broken Hill/Heel 🙂

Broken Heel Festival 2019

Even though we had missed all the fanfare of the festival there were still plenty of drag queens strutting their stuff. Colourful scarves and headpieces lay around, upbeat music and a generous amount of happy vibes floated through town.

Our first stop was finding our accommodation. After a few wrong turns, we checked in to the Old Willyama Motor Inn. This was our most expensive accommodation over the next few nights heading towards Aspley QLD. A whopping $146.00

Probably due to the festival, nevertheless, the place itself was okay. Our room was at the end of one of the buildings and a metal stairway is located directly out the front of our room and the next-door room.

Imagine those high heels clanking on the stairs at all the unearthly hours… Yes, a not so great nights sleep 🙁 Probably a room worth avoiding for future guests. Also note, there is another stair in the opposite corner 🙂 I think they are rooms 6 or 7 on the left & 14 & 15 on the right.

Old Willyama Motor Inn

Next up, we drove up to the old mine, where you get the best views over Broken Hill.

Broken Hill Panorama from the old mine

It’s not really totally an old mine as the area still is mined. The active mine sites are very close by and the aerial photo below shows how vast they are.

Aerial view of the vast mining area at Broken Hill

From the carpark, you can walk to the fence and absorb the views of the town. To the right is the Broken Earth Cafe and beyond is the Line of Lode Miners Memorial.

I can’t comment on the cafe except to say the views from here are superb.

Broken Earth Cafe & Line of Lode Memorial beyond

The walkway created to keep us folk from wandering off brings you to the memorial. A huge rusty pointy thing, that protects a long line of panels with the names and cause of death of all the miners that have fallen.

Thankfully the names dwindle in the amount as the years’ progress and safer conditions are established.

The boardwalk from Broken Earth Cafe to the Line of Lode Miners Memorial
Line of Lode Miners Memorial at Broken Hill

Broken Hill, a place in the middle of nowhere that once had the world’s richest deposits of lead, zinc and silver. Although now depleted somewhat, mining still yields around two million tonnes annually.

Broken Hill – the middle of nowhere

Like many “outback” towns, Broken Hill was built on precious metals.

View over Broken Hill from the Broken Earth Cafe

The Police getting in on the Broken Heel Festival action and not in the manner you’d think I mean…

The Police getting in on the Broken Heel Festival action

Back down in the town, we traipsed up and down before popping into an art expo for some wine & nibbles. This got the taste buds going and a pizza satisfied the hunger afterwards.

Broken Hill sunset

Feeling satisfied with our first day on the road we enjoyed the atmosphere in the streets until our tired bodies took us to the motel.

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