Champagne Breakfast on Queen Elizabeth

This morning we decide to start the day with another pre-breakfast (trust me this IS a thing!) delivered to our room – complete with a mouth-wateringly fresh fruit platter, more of their addictive Danish pastries, freshly squeezed orange juice, tea and…..Champagne!

Day 5 – March 8th, 2014

En route to PNG.

“We are celebrating the sale of our house which has now gone unconditional, woo hoo”

Champagne breakfast on the QE

Champagne breakfast on the QE


We are celebrating the sale of our house which has now gone unconditional, woo hoo… I received the call yesterday from our lawyer informing us of this welcome news. After showering, we make our way to the restaurant for our “proper breakfast” of Eggs Benedict and smoked salmon bagels, after which we are happily sated and energised, to say the least.

Eggs Benedict in the Britannia on the QE

Eggs Benedict in the Britannia on the QE


We decide to stroll up to the front top deck to take in the spectacular views as we sail through the Kawanasausau, which is the straight at the southern-most tip of the main island of Papua New Guinea. We are in quiet awe of the very picturesque and lush shoreline views, and enjoy watching many of the locals out and about on the water in their canoes…

Views from the front of the QE towards PNG

Views from the front of the QE towards PNG


The ship then makes its way further out into the open sea, so we spend some time visiting the Royal Spa (and the relaxing room for my Moni), while I take a dip in the pool then sunbathe until lunchtime.

“I really don’t know how I can cope with all this stress. Lol”

The Captain’s 12 o’clock report from the bridge is played over the loudspeakers. It’s his daily report to all guests to inform us where we currently are, where we are headed, the weather, distances etc. This is broadcast every day in all public areas except the theatre, and not in guest cabins.

Pub lunch at the Golden Lion

After such a relaxing morning, we are feeling too chilled out for a restaurant lunch, so we decide that a pub lunch is the way to go. Cottage Pie for Moni, and Chicken Tika Masala for me washed down by a perfectly matched (in my opinion) pint of Guinness shandy, goes down an absolute treat!

Golden Lion Pub Collage

Golden Lion Pub Collage


After that, we visit the theatre where they show films daily at two o’clock. Today’s feature film is “Now You See Me”, which we both enjoy.

Afternoon tea in the Queens Room

Directly after that we return to the Queen’s Room for another spot of afternoon tea.

If you are getting the impression that we Queen Elizabeth passengers seem to do little else but wander blissfully from meal to delicious meal…. You wouldn’t be too far from wrong!!! Of course, there are plenty of varied activities onboard, but the meals are definitely the highlight of any cruising experience.

At afternoon tea, we enjoy conversation with David & Veronica whom we met on the tender coming back from Airlie Beach.

QE Britannia dinner collage

QE afternoon tea in the Queens Room


“Our Odyssey lifestyle is a huge topic for people”

Our Odyssey lifestyle is a huge topic for people we meet and we have some great discussions, prompting (I believe) some serious thinking and reflection by them about their own lives and their expectations of happiness and perceptions of personal fulfillment.

The weather has turned and now is raining, which was definitely not forecast according to the Captains report earlier… Never mind, we are well protected with plenty to do inside.

It’s back to the cabin, and then we set out again, showered and ready for dinner at The Britannia.

QE Britannia dinner #3 Collage.jpg

QE Britannia restaurant dinner collage


The late show tonight is a combination of two performances, the juggler from the other night followed by a swing singer. This doesn’t particularly inspire us, so we opt instead to head back to our room for an early bedtime, which is fine as we enjoy spending time in our comfy cabin which has become our new little home.

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