What Does it Cost to Live on Bowen Island

What does it cost to spend a month living on Bowen Island just off Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. Well, we have just spent a month house sitting and living an everyday life, so lets take a look at the figures.

We spent a total of 31 days on Bowen Island house sitting, these are our costs.

Let me explain what we include in each of the groups.

Food which includes shopping for home and eating out with all beverages, coffee etc.

Transport includes trains, planes, cruises and everything in between, also fuel taxis etc all whilst in that place.

Entrance and souvenirs is exactly that, all entrances and any souvenir, tours etc.

Other includes things like postage, washing, personal items like clothing (jeans, shoes, cosmetics etc)

All costs outside of each place are listed separately eg the cruise to get to Canada.


  • FOOD; $925.98 USD    $915.66 AUD
  • TRANSPORT; $10.10 USD    $9.98 AUD   (we had use of two scooters)
  • ENTRANCE / SOUVENIR; $220.00 USD    $215.69 AUD   (Cirque Du Soliel)
  • OTHER; $295.82 USD    $292.97 AUD
  • ACCOMMODATION; $0.00    (House sitting FREE)


The total spend for the 31 days

The total spend for the 31 days in US dollars was $1451.90

Which equates to $46.84 per day

$23.42 per person per day


The figures in Australian dollars are

The total was $1434.30

Which equates to $46.27 per day

$23.13 per person per day


So there you have it, the Bowen Island total cost breakdown for our 31 day stay.

Link to PDF doc



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