Yodabashi-Umeda in Osaka – Cameras Galore

Today we had a more relaxing day catching up on some work then some retail therapy.

Day 29 – April 1st, 2014.

The alarm wakes us this morning as Moni has a client call. While she is on the call I zip out and do the bag of washing.

The launderette is only 40 foot steps away which is very handy. A range of different sized washers are there from 4kg up to 15kg. It costs me 850 Yen to complete the task.

I hadn’t used a dryer this often in many years as we always hung out our clothes to dry, I must be careful as not to shrink any garments,whoops, too late, lucky it’s mine. About an hour and I’m done. Back to the apartment and Moni is still going… Eventually she is finished and we head out for some lunch.

We go to our local place that serves a variety of dishes many with noodles and rice. Today we have a meal of ramen noodle soup with pork, spring onion, soy sprouts also a bowl of rice and some Gyoza. Really tasty and so cheap 780 Yen which is about $8 for the both of us and we are full.

Lunch of Ramen, rice and Gyoza

Lunch of Ramen, rice and Gyoza


“Yodabashi-Umeda is very close to JR Osaka station”

Back home to freshen up and check emails before heading out to Yodabashi Umeda, no it’s not a place for Star Wars fans and I didn’t see any Yoda bashing, but I did see a whole lot of cameras and computer gear. The Yodabashi shop is famous for that., it is huge shop that has 8 levels, three of which are just camera, computer, phone etc. The others are clothing and level eight are restaurants.


Yodabashi Umeda

Yodabashi-Umeda is very close to JR Osaka station


We spend plenty of time looking at things and eventually get a external power back up for the iPhone and iPad. It is 5000amph and will charge our phones no problem. Very handy when out and about all day with no power points to use. Cost is only 4780 Yen about $47 which is cheaper than back in oz.

Next I spend ages looking at small compact binoculars and finally make a decision. Only 210grams and small enough to fit in a pocket. These are ideal for our travels. 5200 Yen about $52. Moni found a wide angle zoom lens that she can attach to her iPhone to bring the subject closer and grabs that for 2100 Yen about $21.

Next we make our way up a few levels to the rest of the store. We are looking for a trench coat for Moni but find nothing that fits… But we do find some jeans for me, yay. I need a new pair as mine are totally full of holes. I find it difficult to get a pair to fit and I haven’t owned a pair of jeans for at least ten years. However during our last visit to Dubai I found an awesome pair from the American Eagle store. Consequently I have worn them out.

I tried on about 8 pairs when we were in Hiroshima the other day with no luck. But the Levis store saved me. I scored a pair of 502 design and had them taken up a bit, all done for me in less than 30 minutes. Now that’s service.

Yodabashi top floor restaurants

Yodabashi top floor restaurants


In that time we had coffee and tiramisu upstairs in the Yodabashi camera store while we waited for the alterations. After picking up my jeans we did some more exploring before it was time for dinner. We chose to have a burger from a restaurant on the eighth floor which we enjoyed with a beer.

Then we made our way out only to find another store!! Again no luck in coats for Moni. A lady in one store suggested a few shops to try, but by now we are over it and make our way home. A great day out except no luck in finding a coat for Moni.

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