Entertaining Guests Even Without a Fixed Home

Entertaining without a home, sounded strange when I typed it and it is. Being travelers we have no fixed home, we make a base where ever we are for however long we stay and that in reality becomes our home.

Day 217 – October 5th, 2014.

Some people find entertaining even in their own homes a nightmare, so how do you entertain guests without a fixed home and your usual gadgets? It’s simple really, do what comes natural and enjoy.

“Don’t try to blow your guests away”

If you only eat pizza at home, then order in pizza and have a great night, don’t try to blow your guests away with fancy this and that because you will more than likely turn them off ever coming back. If you’re used to being a hobby cook in the kitchen then go ahead and let the juices flow, I’m sure it will be fine.

This sunday we decided to invite the owners of the local restaurant where we go for regular lunches. Enrique and Esperance both with over 30 years of hospitality experience. I know, you’re thinking we must be mad to invite foodies around to a place we share with others and a kitchen that lacks the most treasured items that any good chef requires.

“Don’t be afraid to ask”

As soon as we asked if they would like to come for lunch or dinner we realised that a kitchen without an oven or even 4 plates the same would be a challenge. However, we are not ones to shy away from a challenge especially on the hospitality front.

We created a menu that was adaptable depending on produce available and made a plan of attack.

With a bit of help from our spanish teacher we sourced some fine produce and were confident we could have a great time. A few hours of prep on Friday and we were as ready as we could be for Sunday.

Prep for dinner

Prep for dinner


“Entertaining guests even without a fixed home”

On Sunday we met the guys at the restaurant where we borrowed four plates and cutlery, like I said don’t be afraid to ask. Walking to the restaurant was in fine weather, while we were waiting for Enrique & Esperance a huge storm came over and it poured for an hour. The guys showed up some time later wet through.

Envigado on Sunday before a storm

Envigado on Sunday before a storm


We enjoyed a coffee at the restaurant and waited for the storm to pass before heading back home. We lent the guys a couple of dry items of clothing and everyone was then comfortable. A few beverages and Spanglish (Spanish – English) conversation flowed.

Around 4pm we began to eat, first course of Salmon, asparagus, balsamic glaze and tropical salsa followed by Beef and mushroom sauce, Swiss spaetzili, buttered carrots & brocoli. It’s a beef version of the traditional Swiss dish “zürcher geschnetzeltes” for those that are in the know, we did think about doing a Swiss fondue like the one we made while sailing in the Japan inland sea on board the yacht Big Elle.

And for desert we had a chocolate delice (was supposed to be mouse but turned out too firm) with rum soaked pineapple.

Dinner Mundell style

Dinner Mundell style


Needless to say that our guests loved it and with a few bottles of wine we all had a great time. It is an awesome feeling when you can give the gift of happiness to others just by doing what you love, and even more so when in a total foreign country with people who hardly speak your mother language.

Moni even had some salsa tuition from Enrique before our guests made their way home.

Salsa with Enrique

Salsa with Enrique


It was an awesome day sharing experiences of life and having lots of fun. Never be afraid of reaching out to new friends in a strange land as they probably deep inside are just crying out for you to show up and offer, I’d love to hear about your experiences in life when you entertain guests even without a fixed home.

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