Another Action Packed Day in Estadio, Medellin

Another jam-packed Saturday in Estadio with MiLe our Spanish teacher, buying fruit from a street vendor followed by a visit to a huge superstore called Jumbo, then Panini & coffee from Cafe Revolucion before Moni has her hair cut and finally we make gluten-free bread.

Day 216 – October 4th, 2014.

Ariving in Estadio this time without missing our stop on the metro which makes the commute very easy and cheap.

“Buying fruits from the roadside market in Medellin”

Our first stop is to buy some fruits from the street vendor not far from where Mile lives in Estadio. Basically it is a few locals that park their ute in the driveway and spread out their goods on the sidewalk for people to see and then buy. It is quite popular and if you’re not early then you miss out.

Buying fruits from the roadside market in Medellin

Buying fruits from the roadside market in Medellin


It is well set up with portable scales, plastic bags and lots of happy people, we make our choice, pay and then leave our bags at the local hostel where Mile used to work before walking to the huge store called Jumbo.

Great produce available from Jumbo store in Estadio in Medellin

Great produce available from Jumbo store in Estadio in Medellin


We are looking for a few particular items that we would like for our Sunday invitation of Enrique & Esperance who are coming over for dinner.

This shop called Jumbo sells pretty much everything, from basic food items to televisions and even car tyres!! It is quite busy and we have noticed that it takes forever to get through the check outs here in Medellin.

The cashier scans and packs into plastic bags and ties each one, not only that, but you can pay your bill over credit which means some people in the queue are paying off more than just what they buy, making the process even longer. We waited at least 15 minutes to get served with only two people in front of us.

“Panini and coffee at Cafe Revolucion in Medellin”

By the time we get done and walk home, not forgetting to pick up our fruit bounty from earlier that morning we are hot and hungry and head over to Cafe Revolucion for a coffee and to try out one of their Panini they make for lunch.

Panini and coffee at Cafe Revolucion in Medellin

Panini and coffee at Cafe Revolucion in Medellin


The coffee maybe the best coffee in Medellin and the Panini was excellent, crunchy outside, hot filling and very tasty. Not over priced either at $26,200 Peso $14.80 AUD for two coffees and two Panini.

“Moni’s haircut in Colombia”

Feeling satisfied we stroll back to Mile’s place for a rest before we go and visit a local hairdresser where Moni has her hair cut. This man cut and styled her hair only using scissors.

He was very particular and made a great hair cut which only cost $10,000 Peso or $5.65 AUD, a huge difference to the haircut on the cruise for $93 US or $105 AUD on board the Celebrity Millennium.

Haircut in Colombia

Haircut in Colombia


“Making gluten-free bread in Estadio in Medellin”

With Moni all smiles and sporting a cheeky new hair style we head home to whip up a gluten-free bread.

Making gluten free bread in Estadio in Medellin Collage

Making gluten-free bread in Estadio in Medellin


This is such an easy gluten-free bread to make and tastes delicious.

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