House & Pet Sitting Two Cavoodles

Does the sound of looking after two dogs and a wonderful home for 8 weeks sound good to you? It certainly did to us, so that’s what we did.

Having just spent the past 8 weeks in Aspley Queensland looking after two wonderful Cavoodles all the while enjoying a huge home and driving around a Mercedes, not too bad a life hey…

I’m very pleased to say that we have made some great friends in this neck of the woods and thankfully so as a few hurdles have been sent our way.

We secured this house sitting position through the Mind a Home website where we have our profile. With only a few, but very good references, we were chosen by Pete & Jenny to care for their dogs Bailee & Maisee.

Bailee & Maisee Sandgate House sitting

These Cavoodles which is a cross between a poodle & a King Charles Cavalier are a small/medium size breed of dog. And they are both adorable.

Our duties included preparing their food from fresh rump steak and vegetables with some brown rice. Yes, they eat very well, and so they should. Walks most days and a special outing to the beach once a week. Keeping the home and garden clean & tidy, watering the plants etc. And not forgetting the tropical fish.

These two dogs accepted us from the get-go and when we had to say goodbye it was very tough. Amazing how you become attached in such a short time. Lucky for us, Jenny & Pete would love to have us return when they go away next time.

The two fur babies slept in the bed with us. At first, it was a bit challenging obviously not being used to sharing a bed like that. Lucky the house has plenty of spare bedrooms that we could use if we felt a bit cramped in the king-size bed 🙂

Bailee & Maisee

The days at the beach were fun for both the babies and us… they got to run along the beach and assassinate soldier crabs for as long as the walk took. Once they had enough or should I say we had enough, we wrapped them up and secured them in the back seat of the car I’d go and get a serve of crumbed snapper and chips which we enjoyed in the front of the car with views out to sea.

We shared fun times with new friends in the street. Played a few games of golf and had various dinner outings. All up this was a really fabulous house & pet sitting experience made extra special not just by the pets but the wonderful people who are now our friends 🙂

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