How to Cope When Not at Home Feeling Crap in Bed

Somedays can be tough, today is one of those days. When you’re at home, I mean your own home, not a travelling home away from home sort of thing, you have all the comforts that you have personally collected and arranged to make your place feel comfortable. On the road that is somewhat different.

Day 19 – March 22nd, 2014.

“How to Cope When Not at Home Feeling Crap in Bed…”

Have a partner that cares is the most important.

When you’re feeling sick and have no energy all you want to do is curl up in your bed and sleep. We all have experienced times like that, and with Moni not feeling well all she wants is her own bed… Unfortunately, we no longer have our own bed as such, we have a bed in a place that we now call home, it’s not the same that’s for sure.

Shopping in Sembayashi-omiya, Moni not feeling well

Shopping in Sembayashi-Omiya, Moni not feeling well


I’m doing my best to keep my girl healthy with hot flavoursome meals from a restaurant just a few minutes away. The food is great here and we have lots of choices. There are also a few handy shops that sell almost everything and in one of those, I get some honey, lemons, and whisky just what I need sorry Moni needs.

Again an early night.

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