Moni Wants Ramen She’s Feeling a Little Better Today

This morning we wake up after a great nights sleep which has really done us both good. Not that Moni is totally fit again, but a lot better than the past few days.

Day 22 – March 25th, 2014.

Even though things are on the mend, we don’t want to over-do-it and have to suffer even more time in bed. I’ve been quite fortunate to have not caught the bug and wonder if it is only a matter of time, more whisky for me…

We venture out only for lunch and Moni chose to have a hot ramen dish from the place just around the corner on the main street. Thanks to Meiko for showing it to us, I had a plate of stir fried noodles.

Ramen a very popular dish in Japan

Ramen a very popular dish in Japan


Lunch was really tasty and it’s no wonder that so many westerners love to eat ramen.

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