New Wheels – Landcruiser 100 Series

Please welcome our latest addition to the Odyssey belongings… Our new car. This Toyota Landcruiser 100 series.

Having sold our previous LC back in 2014 before we sold up and gave away 90% of our stuff so that we could escape the previous life and begin our Odyssey. We knew that one day we would once again own another such vehicle.

It all came about because of the Tiny House dream that we have for the future. If you haven’t heard about that then check out the post about it here.

Needing to get from Adelaide to Brisbane we wanted to find a relocation vehicle like we did when travelling in the opposite direction back in June.

Time was moving on and with no relocation vehicles coming up on the websites that I monitor we began looking for other options.

We had a certain amount of stuff to move with us due to the messy business that occurred. So we couldn’t just hire a small car and zip across the country, we’d need something a bit bigger.

Moni found this listing on FB marketplace and we made contact. Mr Don came along and a mechanic friend of his kindly took a look over her and a few hours later we were driving her home, the rest is history as the saying goes.

Introducing Tommy Tina… yes we named her

This doesn’t mean we’re ready to settle again just yet, it’s the best solution for us right now. As we are already planning on more overseas travel in 2020 Tommy Tina will be parked up with friends and well looked after.

Update… Tommy Tina has been successfully fitted out in the back with a bed, two drawers, and camping essentials, we are ready for our road trip to Adelaide.

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